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Aug. 3, 2020

An Interview with Anna Balser - Lewisville Elementary School Principal

Meet Anna Balser, the New Principal of Lewisville Elementary School

It's really great to sit down today with Anna Balser.  Anna is the new Principal of Lewisville Elementary School.  She is a native of Clemmons and has been in this area all of her life.  Check out the interview below.


Tell us a little about yourself.

I am a native of Clemmons and graduate of West Forsyth High School and UNC-Chapel Hill.  I currently live in Pfafftown with my husband Doug, who teaches at Reagan High School, two children and three cats.

Where did you earn your teaching certification?

UNC-Chapel Hill

UNC Chapel Hill - Go Tarheels!

What was it like when you first started?

I started teaching right out of college and at that time email was a new and innovative technology.  I did not own a cell phone.  Teachers used an overhead projector and there was very

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Aug. 1, 2020

Winston-Salem Forsyth County School Locator and Home Address Search

Winston-Salem Forsyth County Schools Address Search and Home Search by School Zone

Many times when you are looking to buy a home in the Winston-Salem, Lewisville-Clemmons areas, the school zone is a major deciding factor.  Most parents prefer their kiddos to be in  a good school zone to ensure they are getting the education they need and deserve.  Below we will provide a link to search homes for sale by school zone as well as a link to search a particular Winston-Salem Forsyth County School by home address.  Both will benefit you in your local home search.

Find Homes For Sale by Using Winston-Salem Forsyth County School Zone Criteria 

If you are moving to the area and have kids, you have probably narrowed down your home search to a few different school zones.  Or maybe you are planning a move in the middle of the school year, and you want to keep your students in the same school whether that is Lewisville Elementary School, Meadowlark Middle School, Reagan High School, or any other Winston-Salem Forsyth County School. You can search  homes for sale on our site by school zone using our

kids in the Winston-Salem Forsyth County Schools classroom

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July 21, 2020

Selling Investment Properties

Pro Tips for Selling Your Investment Properties

couple discussing investment property


There are two reasons why people buy investment properties; to earn rental income and for capital gains. This means that the time comes in the life of every property investment when it has to be sold.


The reasons why people choose to sell investment property vary. It could be because they want to retire from the rental property business. It could also be that the value of the property has appreciated significantly and they want to cash out. Or it could be because they want to invest the proceeds from the sale of the property in a bigger property.


Regardless of what your reasons are for wanting to sell, one thing is certain. You want to make as much money as possible from the sale. But you can only do this when you know how to sell an investment property.


The challenges of selling an investment property are different from what you will encounter when selling your private home. And if you are not aware of the peculiarities of selling an investment property, you may lose money. Or even worse, you may find it hard to sell the property. will guide you through the important things you should do to make the most profit when selling an investment property.


1.    Set the right price

set the right price when selling your investment property

What should be your selling price? Set a high price and you will scare buyers away. A low price and you will lose capital gains. To get the best price, you should do a comparative market analysis.


What did similar homes in the area sell for in recent months? Set your price a little lower than the home is valued at. This will help you attract buyer's attention. In the process of bidding, they may push the property's price to its actual value. But even if this doesn’t happen, you will gain more if you sell the home quickly.


2.    Make the right first impression

When selling a property, the perception you create in buyers' minds is critical. Buyers form their opinion the minute they set foot on the curb of your property. To make the best impression focuses on cosmetic updates, but more importantly, do the necessary repairs.


This means that broken windows, worn carpets, and broken appliances should be replaced. It also means painting walls, de-cluttering spaces, and keeping the home show-ready at all times. Make a daily effort to keep the home in the cleanest and tidiest state possible; in readiness for buyers.


3.    Make the kitchen and bathrooms a priority


Kitchens and bathrooms sell houses; they influence people's decision s to buy or rent a home. If possible, do an update of the style and design of the kitchen and bathrooms. Replacing countertops, updating vanities, and changing plumbing fixtures is recommended.


If this is not possible, a new paint job and thorough cleaning of the kitchen and bathrooms should be done. Replacing old appliances and changing worn-out handles will improve the appeal of the kitchen and bathrooms.


4.    Study the local housing market

The buyers of your property will also want to rent it out. They will be looking beyond the price and condition of the building. Buyers will also be concerned about the real estate opportunities in the area.


What is the employment market in the area like? Are there companies' headquarters nearby? Is there a college campus in the area? You will sell your property faster if you provide answers to the questions potential buyers may be asking. By incorporating this information into your marketing, you give your property a bigger selling point.


5.    Maximize rental income and minimize expenses


laptop - a tool for real estate investing

Buyers want to see proof of the real estate opportunities in an area through the actual amount of rental income you generate. They also want to know that the maintenance costs of a property will not be excessive.


A well-maintained property tells buyers that renters will not be in short supply and that the home will continue to appreciate. If a property meets buyers' requirements in terms of rental income, maintenance cost, and a promise of capital gains, they will be much more interested. Making the cash flow on the property available to buyers can be your best ad.


6.    Know the applicable tax laws

Knowing the relevant tax laws will help you avoid paying too much in taxes or paying taxes at all. By using the right tax code, you can defer paying capital gains tax on a property; if you use the funds to acquire a similar property. Taxes can make the difference between selling for profits or at a loss.


7.    Stage the property and take professional photos

living room chairs

Set up your marketing to make the most of how properties are marketed and sold today. First, stage the home to make the greatest visual impact on buyers. Second, have professional photos of the staged home taken. The reason for this is almost 90% of prospective buyers will first encounter your home on the internet. And when selling online, image is everything.

8.  Call Your Local REALTOR® at Green Haven Realty

We're real estate investors as well as licensed REALTORS®, so we know how to make an investment property sell.  We've done it ourselves many times!  Whether it's pricing, staging, kitchen and bath recommendations, or local market data, we have the knowledge and experience to point you in the right direction.  Call or text us at 336.462.9544.  We're here to help!


July 7, 2020

Handicap & Wheelchair Accessible Homes for Sale Page Just Added

Handicap and Wheelchair Accessible Homes for Sale Search Page Just Added

Over 50 million people in the U.S. have some type of physical disability. If you consider yourself physically handicapped and are searching for a new home, you probably don't want to look at every home that is not already handicap accessible. We set up this new page hoping it would help you save time in your home search.  Click the link below to start your search.  Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions on any of the homes you see.  You can call or text us at 336.462.9544.  We're here to help!

Search Handicap and Wheelchair Accessible Homes in the Triad, NC area.

Contemporary Handicap and Wheelchair Accessible Home


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June 26, 2020

Show N Tell LLC

We Love Lewisville-Clemmons Business Feature

Tim Johnson of Show N Tell LLC and Timmy Vo Voiceover Specialist

Recently, we sat down with Tim Johnson, owner of Show-N-Tell, LLC for our local Business Feature on the We Love Lewisville-Clemmons pages.  Tim was born in Valdese, NC and lived much of his life in the Winston-Salem area.  He's a multi-talented and humble dude with business skills in video editing, podcast production and voiceover.  He produces and is part of the 4 Man Rush Social Sites, which cover the Carolina Panthers.  They have over 2,400 YouTube subscribers and their facebook page has over 4,000 followers.  They continue to grow their channel with news and updates about the Panthers.  Once you here Tim's silky smooth voice, you'll be ready to hire him for any voiceover work you need done!

How Do I Connect with Tim Johnson?

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May 28, 2020

The Coffee Mill Lewisville, NC

Business Feature with Jeff Blair of The Coffee Mill

We sat down with Jeff Blair, owner of The Coffee Mill in Lewisville, NC recently.  Jeff is a lifetime resident of the Lewisville-Clemmons area and is also an author, Board Certified Nutritionist, and Herbalist.  The Coffee Mill is one of the favorite hangouts for Lewisville and Clemmons residents and serves up coffee, tea, smoothies as well as gift offerings. They won "Best Coffee Shop" in the Winston-Salem Journal 2019 Readers Choice Awards. The Coffee Mill is located in the Historic Lewisville Roller Mill and features a rustic, rocking chair front porch and eclectic atmosphere. Visit once, and you'll be sure to return!  


The Coffee Mill Lewisville NC Contact and Social Feeds

The The Coffee Mill is located at 6275 Shallowford Road in Lewisville, NC 27023.  You can find out more about them at their website. They are also active on Social Media on facebook and Instagram @thecoffeemillnc.  Their phone number is 336.946.2407.  Stop by for some coffee and/or goodies and tell Jeff we sent you!

May 18, 2020

Armored Team Building, Research and Self Defense

Local Business Feature with Connie Chesner and Travis Cook of Armored Team Building


Our latest small business feature is with Connie Chesner and Travis Cook of Armored Team Building. They are quite the entrepreneurs leading three different businesses under the Armored Team Building umbrella.  In addition to Armored Team Building, they also operate Armored Research and Armored Self-Defense.


Describe Your Business...

Armored Team Building:

Armored Team Building is a professional development services consultancy that serves a nationwide audience since 2016.  The company specializes in hands-on

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May 11, 2020

Tips for Your Septic Tank

What Should You Know about Owning or Buying a Home with a Septic Tank?

When someone buys a home, it is either served by public sewer or a septic system.  For properties that are more rural, it is normally a septic system.  We spoke with Shane Broyhill of Broyhill Solutions recently regarding septic systems.  Shane has been in the septic business for over 16 years and recently started his own company.  His company services the Triad and surrounding counties.  They install new septic systems as well as maintaining, pumping and inspecting existing systems.  He reminded us that it's a dirty job, but somebody has to do it besides Mike Rowe!  Whether you are a home owner with a septic tank, or looking to buy a home with a septic tank, this post should be very informative for you.  Take it away Shane!

What is a Septic System?

There are a lot of misconceptions out there about septic systems. Hopefully this brief overview will help to clear some of these up and help keep your system working correctly for many years to come.  The full NCSU article can be found at the bottom for further reading.

septic tank

There are a number of different types of septic systems.  The most common is set up with three main parts:

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April 28, 2020

Brooke Eagle & Forsyth Magazines

Local Business Feature with Forsyth Magazines Associate Editor, Brooke Eagle

We like featuring locals and local small businesses frequently on our website and social feeds, because we love the Lewisville-Clemmons community and supporting those who make it such a great place to live, work, play and shop.  Today we are spending some time with Brooke Eagle, the Associate Editor with Forsyth Magazines.  Brooke has lived in the Lewisville-Clemmons area all of her life. Is there a secret we know on Brooke? You'll have to watch the video to find out!  You can also read the full interview below.

Describe your business

Forsyth Magazines consists of four publications. Forsyth Woman and Forsyth Family began in 2005 and 2007 respectively and come out monthly. These magazines celebrate women and famiy life. We love showcasing local businesses and being a resource for people new to the area and people that have been here forever. We love hosting and sponsoring events and pride ourselves in being more than just a

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April 16, 2020

Lewisville Clemmons Real Estate Market Report April 2020

How Has COVID-19 Affected Real Estate Sales?

Most of us are living life at least somewhat differently, if not in a very different way, after the COVID-19 outbreak.  That means staying at home more in quarantine sick or not.  Thankfully, we have not had many Coronavirus cases in Forsyth County or the Triad area.  Even though real estate is considered "essential", Guilford County has implemented stricter Stay at Home restrictions than our state governor.  

Quarantine Caution Sign - Covid-19

In Guilford, real estate agents are not allowed to show a home unless it is under contract, so that means making an offer on it site unseen.  Have homes been sold that way even before Coronavirus?  Sure, but it's definitely not the norm. This is making it very challenging to sell a home in the Greensboro area. Again, thankfully, our Forsyth County leaders and local Mayors have not seen the need for these harsher restrictions.  With less than 0.04% cases  in Forsyth, I don't see the need for stricter requirements.  That being said, we want everyone to feel safe in either listing a home or buying a home, and we have a COVID-19 Policy for sellers and buyers for anyone who is interested.  That includes offering In-person Virtual Tours.  Maybe you aren't able to view a home because of travel restrictions where you live, but still need to move soon.  Please contact us, and our agents are glad to provide virtual tours via Zoom, Facetime, Google Duo, Skype, or whatever your preferred video chat app is. 

COVID-19 Real Estate Contract Addendum

If you are in the market to buy or sell a home, or if you are already under contract to purchase a home, a COVID-19 Addendum can be added.  The details of an addendum can vary, but it can typically be used to extend closing dates, inspection periods, or financing contingencies. If you can't close because you lost your job or income due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the addendum can also be used to let the buyer and seller out of the contract penalty-free.  The North Carolina Association of Realtors have created such a form.

Has COVID-19 Affected Lewisville-Clemmons Home Sales?

Lewisville Clemmons Real Estate Market Report April 2020

Much of the change in our daily lives started about the first week of March due to COVID-19 governmental restrictions.  There were slightly more new listings coming on line in March than February, but an overall decrease of over 20% from March 2019.  This tells me people are hesitating to sell.  Pending sales were also down from last year over 30%. The good news is there were 37% more sales last month than March 2019 and 32% more than last month.  Year to Date sales are up as well.  That could drastically change when next month's report comes out.  

I don't mention the condo/townhome sales because there really isn't enough data from month to month because of the limited number of condos and townhomes in the Lewisville-Clemmons area. The condo/townhome numbers can fluctuate greatly on a month to month basis due to this.

Has Coronavirus Affected Lewisville-Clemmons Home Prices?

As you can see on the chart, both the Median Sales Price for March and Year to Date are up from last year at $312,535 and $289,730 respectively.  The average price is down from last year, but up Year to Date.  And the Percent of List Price Received is still very strong at over 98%.  For homes in certain price ranges, mostly entry level up to about $250,000, houses are getting multiple offers and selling over list price. This has been on-going for months now due to a large number of buyers (many Millenials who have reached home buying age), low interest rates, and low inventory.  There just aren't enough homes for sale in these price ranges, which has driven prices up for entry level and lower priced move-up homes.  There is still roughly 3 months of inventory, which indicates a strong Seller's Market. There should be at least 6 months of inventory for the market to be more balanced.  If you would like to be on our Market Report email list, so that you don't miss an update, please contact us to be added to the list. 

If you're in the Lewisville-Clemmons area or thinking about moving to the Lewisville-Clemmons area, please join us on our We Love Lewisville-Clemmons facebook group.  And as always, if you are thinking about buying or selling a home, please don't hesitate to contact us.  We're here to help!

- Tony Green, Broker-in-Charge

Tony Green, Realtor, Appraiser