Top 10 Reasons to Move to Winston-Salem, NC

There are many reasons to move to Winston-Salem. So, if you look forward to finding a home in North Carolina, this guide is just what you need. By moving to this thriving city, you are ensuring a comfortable and vibrant lifestyle at the same time. There’s so much to see and do. Plus, the costs of living in Winston-Salem are easy to keep in check.

Winston-Salem, NC skyline at night


1 - Employment

Winston-Salem is one of the cities in NC with a high employment rate. Rest assured, it won’t be challenging to land a high-paying job. However, keep in mind that some professions tend to be more competitive than others. That being said, make sure to solve your job situation before moving.


2 - Safety

As one of the safest cities in NC, Winston-Salem is very livable. Since it’s an excellent NC place to raise a family, young parents often move here. 


3 - Affordable living and housing in Winston-Salem

In comparison with the majority of NC cities, Winston-Salem is quite affordable. In fact, it’s also one of the most affordable places to live in the US. You can get quality groceries, clothes, and other products at much lower prices. Housing is also affordable to the point it’s possible to own a home. However, remember that investing in real estate is a long-term project. Whether you’ll buy or rent a home in Winston - Salem depends upon your future plans. 

It’s wise to consult professional realtors before you start looking for a home. Although the housing market in Winston-Salem is affordable, you’ll need proper guidance. The best home isn’t the one you’ll find overnight. Aside from appearance, you have to make sure everything in a home you’re interested in works well.


4 - Winston-Salem Arts and entertainment

The art scene is another aspect that makes Winston-Salem so unique. Amazing street art murals and galleries are easy to find and frequently visited by art admirers. Winston-Salem is an unofficial art city of North Carolina for a good reason. After you visit the Southeastern Center of Contemporary Art, you can transition to a festival, for instance. If you’re a fan of classic rock combined with car race events, you’ll enjoy every minute of the Heavy Rebel Weekender Music Festival.

Downtown Winston-Salem Music Festival

Nightlife in Winston-Salem is an experience in itself. Beer lovers will enjoy craft breweries and pubs packed with laid-back people. Check out Foothills Brewery, Wise Man Brewery, Fiddlin' Fish Brewery, Incendiary Brewery as well as others in or near downtown.

Have professional movers handle your relocation

Make sure to find the right team of movers who will ensure a stress-free NC interstate relocation from start to finish. The companies you should consider are the ones that hold licenses and have a unique USDOT number. Any company that isn’t fully registered isn’t worth your time.


Here are quick and effective steps to finding the right company:


  1. Bookmark the websites of companies that have a variety of moving, packing, and storage services. Don’t forget to check if they’re registered and licensed.
  2. Contact each company during their working hours. Have their website open while asking them about services and price points. Make sure what you see is what you would get by hiring that particular company.
  3. Get up to four free moving estimates.
  4. Take all information and estimated costs into consideration and decide which company is the best one.


If you’re in a rush to hire a good mover…

There are moving company databases that save you lots of time. Thanks to moving experts like the ones at, it’s easy to find a suitable moving company. At the same time, you’ll dodge any scam company that tries to sell you fake services and drain your budget. All you have to do is fill out the form and wait for a list with the movers that can get all the work done for you.  Don't forget your moving to Winston-Salem checklist.


5 - Cultural diversity and acceptance in Winston-Salem


People of all cultural backgrounds can call Winston-Salem their home. Plus, most people are very king and generous. Hence why young professionals, retirees, and basically people of all age groups come here.


6 - Outdoors

Hiking, climbing, and camping are favorite outdoor activities among the residents of Winston -  Salem. If you are one of them, be sure you’ll spend every sunny weekend somewhere in nature:


      Pilot Mountain is where you go on a hike with a good camera. From there, you can enjoy and capture amazing views. It takes you up to 30min drive from Winston - Salem to get there.

      Grandfather Mountain is where you go climbing.

      Hanging Rock might be your favorite if you want a combination of hiking, camping, kayaking, and swimming in the lake.

      Quarry Park in Winston-Salem is a 200+ acre park with a nice walking track to walk with your kids and/or dogs.  There is an overlook pier that gives a great view of the quarry and the Winston-Salem skyline in the distance.

Quarry Park - Winston-Salem, NC

 Quarry Park in Winston-Salem, NC



7 - Excellent education

The city is also home to Wake Forest University, Salem UniversityNorth Carolina School of the Arts, and many other prominent educational institutions. Education is one of Winston-Salem’s strongest assets that inspire families to move. Top-level professionals teach kids in lower grades, and a high rate of High-School graduates continue to college.



8 - Entrepreneurship

Did you know that North Carolina cities are entrepreneur-friendly? If you happen to be someone with a business plan, you can launch it in Winston-Salem. The market is both strong, diverse, and welcoming to fresh innovations. As a matter of fact, it's known as the City of Arts and Innovationand the community is very supportive of entrepreneurs and innovation educators and researchers.  It’s one of the reasons to move to Winston-Salem if you’re an aspiring business owner.



9 - Active lifestyle

Another distinctive trait you’ll notice in Winston-Salem is that almost everybody enjoys a wide array of activities. Sports, the outdoors, and an active lifestyle, in general, are what people simply enjoy. The fact is that people in Winston-Salem are among the healthiest in NC and beyond. 

Truist Stadium in Downtown Winston-Salem - Home of the Winston-Salem Dash Minor League Baseball Team

 Check out a Winston-Salem Dash Baseball Game at Truist Stadium in Downtown Winston-Salem

10 - Coffee shops and restaurants

You’ll definitely find your favorite coffee spot and a restaurant in Winston-Salem. The coffee is good, the food is super tasty, and the service is usually better than average with a pinch of southern charm.

Moving to Winston-Salem is worth it

As you’re packing for the move, take time to remind yourself of the reasons to move to Winston-Salem. That way, you’ll stay focused and keep your motivation up. Moving can be an exhausting endeavor at times, especially if you have lots of duties to handle at once. When you know what to expect from a place you’re moving to, relocation tasks become less dreadful. Moreover, your move starts to seem like an adventure that will become a fond memory.