7 Reasons to Buy a Winston-Salem Home in the Winter

contemporary home in winston-salem, nc with snow covered ground

Looking for a perfect home in the Winston-Salem area can be a lengthy process

1.  You can spend less on your home 

As we have mentioned previously, the peak season in real estate starts in spring. This is where the competition gets higher, as well as the prices. More buyers are competing for homes, which allows sellers to set the price tag a bit higher than usual and expect generous offers, too.  Thankfully, the weather in the Winston-Salem, NC area is usually not too cold.  So, if you’re looking for a way to save, don’t let the cold weather stop you from buying a home in LewisvilleClemmons, Kernersville, or any other Triad area. Home prices tend to be at their lowest during January and February after the holiday season. This will allow you to be more flexible when looking for a home and maybe get a property that was out of your price range before.

2.  There are not as many buyers in the market to buy a home


Competition with other Winston-Salem homebuyers in the spring and summer can be pretty fierce. Good quality properties go off the market a lot quicker than you think. It can happen that you like a house and take a moment to think about it – the next thing you know, another buyer has already put in an offer. You lose a perfect home to another buyer just because you didn’t act on time. This can rarely happen in winter. So, one of the best reasons to buy a home in the winter is to have a less stressful and hectic house-hunting experience. You can take your time browsing homes and think about if a home you like is good for you. Even though there’s less inventory on the market, you can benefit from lower prices and fewer competitors looking for a home in the same area.

3.  There's more room for negotiation


When there are few buyers, sellers are more motivated to offer a discount and sell their Winston-Salem property faster. Certain homes may have been on the market for a while now. Or maybe the sellers don’t want to wait until spring or summer to make the sale. That’s why you can expect sellers to be more flexible and more prone to negotiation. This is the moment to remind you of the importance of home inspection. Sometimes, buyers underestimate the power of having a property checked by a professional. A home inspection can discover certain issues you can negotiate the price for and uncover more severe problems that might even turn you away from buying the property.

4.   You can check on how a property stands up to winter temperatures


Many common house problems won’t show until cold temperatures, wind, and rain. This is why it’s great to buy a home in the winter – you can see the actual situation about the property’s condition and potential issues with windows, foundation, gutters, etc. The home inspection will be more efficient as cold weather will probably uncover flaws, so you can use that to negotiate a better price. But also plan any potential renovation projects.

winston-salem home in the snow

The winters in Clemmons, NC are usually fairly mild

5.  It's easier to get a loan


With few people getting a loan during winter, lenders don’t have busy schedules. This means they’ll have more time to dedicate to your mortgage and approve the loan much faster. You can react even faster if you find a home you like and put in an offer as soon as possible. Make sure you deal with your budget and get pre-approved on time – even before you start looking at properties. This will help you narrow the options to the properties that fit your budget, and don’t waste time looking at homes that go over the line.

a winston-salem couple getting a mortgage loan to buy a home

Getting a loan can be faster in winter. 


6.  Your Real Estate Agent will give you more attention


In a busy real estate season, agents usually have more clients. So they can’t give their best in looking for a perfect home for you. During winter, they have more time and can focus on finding a property that fits your needs and budget. This increases the chances of buying a dream home meeting your family’s criteria. Talk to the agent first and discuss the priorities of your search. You should state clear wins and deal-breakers when it comes to a perfect home. However, try to distinguish between priorities and features you can be flexible about, as it’s often hard to find a property that ticks all the boxes. 

7.  Your move can be cheaper


Another reason to buy a home in the winter is to save on moving costs. With not too many clients over the winter, Winston-Salem moving companies are often ready to offer discounts and better deals to those who decide to take their services in the winter season. Unlike moving on your own, moving experts can make the process stress-free and ensure maximum safety for your belongings and your family. Sometimes, people try to save by trying to manage the move alone. However, this method comes with increased risks of damage, hurting your back, knees, and more. Moving in winter can be tricky due to slippery ground, so it’s best to trust an expert. Professionals know the safest lifting and carrying techniques and have the tools for the safest relocation possible.

Winston-Salem movers moving a sofa

Winter relocations are safer with professionals. 

Is it better to buy a Winston-Salem home during the winter months?

Well, it can be. Listing all these reasons to buy a home in the winter may convince you to start house-hunting immediately after you pack Christmas presents. You can enjoy a more pleasant purchase experience and increase the chances of finding an affordable Winston-Salem property for your next home. 


Green Haven Realty Helps Winston-Salem Home Buyers

If you’re trying to decide whether to buy a home this winter in the Winston-Salem area, work with trusted real estate professionals to explore your opportunities. With these seven reasons, it may make more sense to buy a home now if you’re able to. 

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