Why Should You Retire in Winston-Salem?

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Deciding where you want to retire is a crucial decision you should consider carefully. When deciding where to retire, most people take advice from friends or family. However, doing some research on your own and choosing a city that looks good is also a great choice. One of these cities you might be interested in is Winston-Salem, NC, which is consistently recognized as one of the best cities to retire in the United States. A city which has become more and more popular with retirees recently. So, what exactly makes Winston-Salem such a great location to retire in? We've put together a list of reasons why you should retire in Winston-Salem, and we hope you find it helpful and informative.


Winston-Salem is a very safe choice

One of the first concerns for retirees choosing a place to spend their golden years is safety. And one of the main reasons why you should retire in Winston-Salem is that the city is very safe overall. All in all, Winston-Salem is considered one of the safer cities in North Carolina, which is a massive bonus for retirees. After all, while safety should always be a concern, it becomes more and more important as we age. To this end, it's good to know that Winston-Salem's crime rates are relatively low, allowing some peace of mind when retiring here. However, before moving to Winston-Salem, you should know the current state of the Winston-Salem housing market. After all, buying a new home can be a complicated process, and you should be prepared for it. At the end of the day, good preparation is vital to successfully buy a home.

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Weather is very mild in Winston-Salem

The weather in Winston-Salem is exceptionally mild. This can be a significant factor for certain people, as weather can aggravate certain health problems. The summers are warm, and the winters are cold and snowy, but never to an extreme. This means you don't have to worry too much about the weather while living in Winston-Salem. Additionally, the mild climate makes for a lot of opportunities to enjoy nature leisurely. That said, being prepared for summer and winter is still essential. While they're not as harsh as other places, summer and winter can still cause some problems in Winston-Salem. When it comes to moving to Winston-Salem, remember to look for movers well ahead of time. Hiring residential movers to help you reach the city without hassle is your best choice. And, realistically speaking, a DIY move isn't a great an option.


Winston-Salem has access to excellent healthcare

Another thing that becomes increasingly more important as we age is healthcare. Thankfully, one of the reasons why you should retire in Winston-Salem is the vast array of healthcare options it has to offer. The city has two regionally renown hospitals in  Atrium Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center and Novant Forsyth Medical Center.  There are a ton of trained physicians in the city, which is very important for seniors moving to Winston-Salem. Additionally, the town provides care solutions such as supportive care, skilled care, and independent living. Also, there are geriatrics in the city that offer home visits where needed.

Winston-Salem Hospitals - Wake Forest and Novant


All in all, this means that your health can be taken care of no matter the issue. Needless to say, this is a significant bonus for anyone considering retirement in Winston-Salem. However, when preparing to move to the city, you should have a moving to Winston-Salem checklist on hand, just to be safe. Preparation is vital when moving, after all, even more so in retirement.


Winston-Salem's Low Cost of Living

Winston-Salem has a surprisingly low cost of living compared to the national average. The cost of living in Winston-Salem is 31.8% lower than the national average. This is a major benefit for retirees, as income tends to become fixed after retirement. And with a generally low cost of living, you can spend more on yourself overall. Whether this is for enjoyment or improvements to your new home or simply saving money, it's very easy to save up when living in Winston-Salem. This is one of the primary reasons why the city has become incredibly popular with people retiring. And whether it's for rearranging your home after you move in or for the move itself, you should consider hiring people to handle the heavy lifting where you can. All in all, as you head into retirement, you should avoid exerting yourself where possible.



Winston-Salem has a lot of outdoor activities to enjoy

One of the things to consider when retiring is what you'll be doing in retirement. After all, you should enjoy your golden years as much as possible. As such, you'll be happy to know that Winston-Salem has a lot of outdoor activities to offer. There are many beautiful parks in the city and playgrounds you can take your grandchildren to. You can also go on local history tours or tour the gardens. If you feel like doing something more involved, you can also take horseback riding lessons.


Thankfully, if you feel like spending time in nature, there are many options for you in Winston-Salem. However, there's one crucial consideration to keep in mind: is buying vs renting a home in Winston-Salem the better choice for you? At the end of the day, it's something that only you can decide.

Winston-Salem has a lot of gorgeous parks.



Why retire in Winston-Salem – wrap up


Retiring in Winston-Salem has a lot of benefits that can't be ignored. The mild weather, prime location, low cost of living, and excellent healthcare are crucial for retirees. And as the city has all of them, it's easy to see why Winston-Salem has become so popular with people retiring. The city has everything you could ever want for a perfect retirement, and it's beautiful to boot. So, why not consider retiring in this wonderful city? We hope that this list of reasons why you should retire in Winston-Salem was informative. Green Haven Realty and the Green Team Realtors are ready to help when you are ready to move. Start your Winston-Salem home search here.  Don't hesitate to call/text us at 336.462.9544.  We're here to help!