Winston-Salem is a city with a vibrant community that perfectly combines a rich history, fantastic art, and an entrepreneurial drive. It is perfect for those looking for a new start somewhere else. So, if you plan on relocating here, many things probably weigh on your mind. After all, moving to a new place is no easy task! This is why we have created a moving to Winston-Salem Checklist that will guide you to your new life in this beautiful city.

Get to know the Winston-Salem area

Like with every move, you must get acquainted with everything the new area offers. You should first know which neighborhood you'll call home in the near future. Lucky for you, Winston-Salem has a lot of lovely neighborhoods to choose from, from the ever-expanding Arcadia to the sophisticated West View. You will easily find the neighborhood that works for you based on your preferences. Afterward, it would be best if you got to know all the benefits of moving to Winston-Salem since these will work as a moving drive to push you through the stressful move. Moreover, they will make you (and your family) even more excited to relocate here.

Set up a moving budget

Now that you know more about the city you are moving to, it is time to get serious by creating a moving budget. Each move will differ based on the necessary funds and additional expenses it will take. For example, moving during the summer season will set you back more because an increasing number of individuals move during this time. Additionally, depending on your preference, you can move independently or with movers. Both of these options come with their specific expenses, such as fees of hiring a reputable company and unexpected damages your items may endure when you transport them yourself. You should consider all the possibilities and make a rough estimate to help you decide how much money you should set aside for your upcoming move to Winston-Salem.

Think of your transportation options

Depending on your preferred method of transporting your items, the next item on our moving to Winston-Salem Checklist will differ. If you are transporting items by yourself, you will need to rent a vehicle that will be able to accommodate your items (as well as yourself). This option may also entail a couple of trips to get every last item you wish to transport while safely moving your family along with you.

On the other hand, if you are planning a long-distance move to Winston-Salem, finding a reputable company to transport your items might be best. You will save yourself the hassle and worry about whether or not your belongings will get harmed throughout the relocation by hiring a team that can get you here safely. They will be able to protect your most valuable items and give you peace of mind to enjoy the trip to your new home in Winston-Salem safely.

Acquire a living arrangement that works for you

Finding a wonderful place to call home is crucial, and Winston-Salem offers various alternatives. Whether you want to buy or rent a home in Winston-Salem, you can choose the many expanding options available, from large-family homes to small loft apartments. Each of these will have different amenities to offer you (and your family), so be sure to research properly before moving to Winston-Salem. The median price of homes sits at $235,689, which is 40.6% less than the national average of $355,852. The costs of renting and purchasing are relatively affordable when you consider Winston-Salem's impeccable location and the state of the housing market at the moment. 

Ease your children into the upcoming move to Winston-Salem

It is best to start early when easing your children into the upcoming move to Winston-Salem. You will need to change your approach depending on your children's age and personality. Try to get them excited about the move and focus on the positive changes it will bring. However, most children will benefit from additional time spent with them. Although you should talk about the upcoming move, that doesn't mean it should be the only thing you talk about.

To give them the attention they require before this stressful change in their everyday lives, you can go on more family walks, do more bedtime stories, and do other similar activities your children enjoy. Answer any questions they may have and pay attention to their behavioral patterns. If you notice issues such as bad attitudes, bed wetting, and other irregular behaviors, consult with experts that can help give them the best chance at a great move to Winston-Salem.  

Choose essential service providers in Winston-Salem

To have everything set up for you before moving to Winston-Salem, you must consider the various essential service providers that may need to be changed or updated. For example, you will need to change your address regarding your insurance and find new doctors and veterinarians you can turn to when you need help. If you plan to receive your packages in the mail at your new residence, your subscription services will also need to be modified. Before moving to Winston-Salem, you should pay special attention to your daily services and update them accordingly.

Declutter and pack for your move to Winston-Salem

The last step on our moving to Winston-Salem Checklist is packing for your move. This process can be substantially accelerated and improved if you declutter beforehand. Make sure you only take the items you wish to keep with you instead of spending money and time transporting them. Furthermore, to make the task even more straightforward, start packing early. We suggest first packing items that will not be used until your move and gradually packing the remainder of your belongings. Moreover, you could pack your belongings in boxes based on the room they belong in to make it easier for you to unpack when you're safe and sound in Winston-Salem. And with this step finished, if you've worked with trusted realtors, you are close to arriving at the home of your dreams and starting a new life in the wonderful Winston-Salem.