Best Places to Raise a Family in North Carolina

Once you decide to start a family, different things come into the focus. Safety from crime is in the first place, closely following good schools, essential amenities, plenty of open space, and affordability. Thus, it doesn't surprise at all that you'll find some of the best places to raise a family in North Carolina. It is one of the states that hits all the marks regarding the most requirements parents have. It's a beautiful state from the Mountains to the Coast.  But do you know which places in NC you should consider first?


One of the best places to raise a family in North Carolina close to a beach


Work-life balance: Every parent's dream


Small towns and suburbs have become popular recently for a very well-known reason. Consequently, it placed North Carolina into the spotlight. Not solely for the abundance of charming towns but for what they offer to children and parents alike. Comfortable and healthy lifestyle suits families with kids the most, and even metro areas of North Carolina can provide it. Most specifically, those are

  • Morrisville and Cary, the suburbs of Raleigh
  • Clemmons and Lewisville, suburbs of Winston-Salem
  • Davidson, a suburb of Charlotte
  • Oak Ridge, a suburb of Greensboro
  • Chapel Hill, a town in Orange County.


Visit, explore in person, and see for yourself but make sure you shortlist first with a couple of neighborly tips.




Morrisville is a true gem near Raleigh, as it perfectly combines the tight-knit community feeling and the busy town vibe. It is constantly growing and developing with great attention to family-friendliness. New schools, parks, bridges, and libraries complement numerous groceries, clothing, and other stores, restaurants, and recreation areas.

Hello Neighbor Come On In sign


Morrisville is genuine and calm, as seen in cordial relationships with neighbors, making it one of the best places to raise a family in North Carolina.


Transplants from other parts of the country praise their welcoming and cordial Morrisville neighbors. They say that meeting new neighbors is effortless in a community that's as welcoming as Morrisville. Hence, it's incredibly easy to get acquainted with people nearby and make lasting friendships. What is there not to like with well-rated schools, free public buses, and clean and safe neighborhoods?




Cary is the kind of suburb that people born elsewhere love to call home. The calm it radiates makes people easily imagine raising a family here and settling in. However, there's much more to Cary that's making it one of the best places to raise a family in North Carolina than a nice and friendly community, locally-owned shops, and incredibly low crime rates.


It is a place where new businesses and tech companies meet great hiking trails and lovely lakes, diverse cuisine joins world-class shopping, and tops it up with booming real estate. A big family can quickly settle in in Cary and enjoy great food, arts, culture, outdoor experiences, and numerous job opportunities.





Next up Clemmons and Lewisville in the western section of Forsyth County (NC).



Whether you are looking for tennis and golf courses, beautiful trails, dog parks, and lake areas, sitting in one of many breweries nearby, or you're interested in just resting in your own huge backyard, you can find it in Clemmons.


Its citizens have a wide range of amenities at their disposal, and many more are constantly coming to town. According to locals, it is safe, family-friendly, and welcoming. With a median home value of USD $367,500, this is the perfect time to invest in your family home in Clemmons and enjoy the family lifestyle you always dreamed of.


Tanglewood Golf Course in Clemmons, NC

Tanglewood Golf Course in Clemmons, North Carolina





If you and your family wish to escape the sensory overload of big, busy cities, then head straight for Lewisville. Get ready for a small-town vibe, a quaint downtown area, year-round live theater and concerts at Shallowford Square, and the absence of usual fast-food chains.

Fall Colors on Conrad Road in Lewisville, NC

Fall Colors on Conrad Road in Lewisville, NC

A small and safe historic town on the outskirts of Winston-Salem has everything a family needs; great public schools, parks, numerous town events spacious family houses, supermarkets, and restaurants. With beaches to the east and mountains to the west of Lewisville, there's plenty to explore around the town, too.



Walkable, bikeable, and overall, quite a lovely town, Davidson feels like a place on another planet as compared to a bustling Charlotte. It is very much loved by its old and new residents and for a couple of excellent reasons. Apart from the weekly farmers' market, community events are the most popular occasions to get together in the town.


Beautiful parks and two lakes are places for various outdoor water-related activities. Local shops and restaurants bring out the authenticity to the area, making it a fantastic place to grow up in. It is truly a place where you can become one with nature, art, and sports and enjoy time with your amazing neighbors.



Oak Ridge


What makes a town one of the best places to raise a family in North Carolina? A suburb with great schools and a decent number of things to do; cozy neighborhoods where residents know each other well; a family-centered community that is looking out for each other. This is only a part of what describes Oak Ridge and its seven thousand residents.


Once mostly farmland, Oak Ridge today is a quiet place with lovely family homes, centered on the central plaza and its many community events. If holidays celebrated with your caring neighbors with live music sound like a fun family activity throughout the year, Oak Ridge will not disappoint you.

Old Guilford Mill in Oak Ridge, NC

Old Guilford Mill in Oak Ridge, NC


Chapel Hill


The Southern Part of Heaven, as it was dubbed, is home to the Chapel Hill Museum, the Stone Center for Black Culture and History, the North Carolina Botanical Garden, the Coker Arboretum, Morehead Planetarium, and Franklin Street offering a great variety of amenities to college students but families with children, too.


Founded around 1795 to serve the University Of North Carolina, Chapel Hill has grown into a town that caters to everybody's needs. Inspired by its young and diverse community, it balances urban and suburban, making it one of the best places to raise a family in North Carolina. It has an easy-going atmosphere complemented by many entertainment options year-round.




You'll find some of the best places to raise a family in North Carolina. It's a fact backed up with all that parents value and wish for.  Small town charm with warm southern hospitality will make you fell right at home in these best places of NC.  If you are moving here soon, Green Haven Realty welcomes you!  Don't hesitate to reach out to us if we can be of any service.  We're here to help!