Be Prepared for Your Buyer's Home Inspection with this Seller Checklist

Knowing that you have a home inspection coming up soon can be somewhat unnerving. There is always the unknown that you cannot see that can make you a bit nervous. Because home inspectors ALWAYS find something!  However, you can be prepared with the Home Inspection Seller Checklist provided by Preston Sandlin and Home Inspection Carolina. Preston, please share with us how this Seller Checklist came about.

Home Inspection Seller Checklist History


One night I was studying with my daughter for a science test.  She asked me, “Daddy, isn’t a home inspection kinda like a test for the seller?”  (I am a home inspector by trade)  I said, “Yes it is.”  Then, she said “Do they know what to study?”  I said, “No, but they should.”  And the “Seller’s Inspection Checklist” or “Study Guide” was born.  This is what’s going to be on the test….I mean inspection.  Download this free checklist (link below) and go through it….preferably not the night before 😀…..maybe a week or two out.  Go through this list, and consult with The Green Team and I promise your home inspection will go way smoother.  - Preston

Preston Sandlin and His Daughter - Home Inspection Carolina

Home Inspector, Preston Sandlin and His Inspiring Daughter

home inspection seller checklist


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Preston and Home Inspection Carolina work the Charlotte NC, Raleigh NC, and Asheville, NC areas.  He can be reached by phone at 704-542-6575 or on their website .

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