Is the Lewisville-Clemmons NC Area Good for Retirees?


Are you retiring soon and looking for the perfect destination? Look no further than the Lewisville-Clemmons area of North Carolina. This area, located in Forsyth County, boasts Southern sensibility and charm with a low price tag. The atmosphere is peaceful; the crime rates are low, and there is so much to enjoy about this idyllic choice for retirees looking to kick back, relax and make the most of their Golden Years.

Retiree Couple on Lewisville Clemmons NC Golf Course


Need more convincing? Below you’ll find specific details about what makes Lewisville-Clemmons the perfect destination for retirees.


Lewisville-Clemmons: Big City Access with a Small Town Vibe


Lewis-Clemmons is made up of two Western Forsyth County areas. One, is the Village of Clemmons and the other is the Town of Lewisville. They are both located very close to Winston-Salem, meaning retirees can enjoy a slower-paced lifestyle without sacrificing access to the amenities that come with living near a big city. In addition, Lewis-Clemmons itself has many restaurants, coffee shops, and parks for retirees to enjoy. On a national level, it’s important to note that the cost of living in North Carolina is about 1.7% below the U.S. average when accounting for factors like food, transportation, and utilities. Lewisville-Clemmons is centrally located along the East Coast and has four seasons. It's also in close proximity to both mountains and beaches, which are big attractions as well. If you're a golfer, there are 16 courses within 20 miles. And if you like parks, there are plenty including over 1,100-acres at Tanglewood Park.

Lewisville-Clemmons Medical Services


Additionally, retirees and seniors living in Lewisville-Clemmons have access to high-quality health care with two regional hospitals nearby. Winston-Salem is the home of two regional medical facilities, Novant Health's Forsyth Medical Center and highly ranked Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center. Each facility includes a flagship hospital coinciding with a diverse range of health care services including physician practices and clinics. The medical advancements being done at Wake Forest Innovation Quarter, the biotech research park in downtown Winston-Salem includes laboratory-grown organs and tissues, such as heart valves, kidneys, heart and lung muscles, and blood vessels. Both organizations recently expanded into Clemmons with the Clemmons Medical Center at Village Point and Wake Forest Medical Urgent Care facility on the corner of Lewisville-Clemmons Road and Peace Haven Road.


Lewisville-Clemmons is Tax-Friendly for Retirees

Taxes are an important consideration when determining the type of home you can afford. Luckily, North Carolina is tax-friendly for retirees. The state doesn’t tax Social Security benefits, and other sources of retirement income are taxed at North Carolina’s flat income tax rate of about 5.5%. Additionally, property and sales taxes in North Carolina are both in line with the national average, while prescription drugs and medical devices are exempt from sales tax. This is all fantastic news for retirees who may end up dealing with shifting and more complex health needs. Finally, as yet another bonus, retirees could be eligible for a property tax break in Forsyth County under the state’s homestead exclusion. Your real estate agent can help to determine your eligibility.  

Lewisville-Clemmons is Home to a Variety of Senior Living Options

You could, of course, buy a house for your retirement, but that isn’t the best option for everyone. Maybe you don’t want to be fully responsible for owning your own home on your own, especially if you are concerned you won’t be able to keep up with caring for the home and outdoor property. Luckily, Lewis-Clemmons has excellent alternative options for you. Your real estate agent can partner with you to decide which option suits your needs and preferences best. 


If you want to stay independent but also avoid shouldering all of the responsibilities that come with homeownership, you can consider moving into an active adult living community. An active adult living community, also called “55-plus” communities or senior living communities, is a neighborhood built with the needs and preferences of seniors in mind. Management usually handles chores like roofing repairs, lawn maintenance, and other cumbersome tasks so you don’t have to worry about them. You can instead focus on enjoying your retirement and living life to the fullest.

Lewisville-Clemmons Assisted Living Options

If you think you will ultimately have complex health needs or will have trouble being mobile in your home on your own, you may want to consider moving into an assisted living facility. There are several assisted living facilities in the local area, and all staffed with caring professionals trained to assist you with daily living activities, such as preparing meals and managing medications.


Lewisville-Clemmons Area Homes for Retirement

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