Home Repairs for the Elderly, People with Special Needs & Low-Income

The Urgent Repair Program for North Carolina homeowners is a much needed program that can help people in need. Do you know anyone who is elderly, has special needs, or is low-income (below 50% of median income in their area) and in need of home repairs? This special program

through the North Carolina Housing Finance Agency (NCHFA) could be a huge help to them. This program will make emergency repairs to their house to correct unsafe or threatening housing conditions such as faulty septic systems, dangerous HVAC systems, or rotten flooring. This program can also pay for accessibility modifications that could help someone stay in their home after an injury or illness.

The assistance is provided through local governments and non-profits that determine eligibility. They will then contract and supervise the work once approved. Assistance is through an interest-free, deferred loan and might be forgiven at $1,000 per year to pay for the required repairs.  Please share this Urgent Repair Program for NC homeowners with anyone you know who needs this help! 

There are two other programs from NCHFA that can assist in home repairs depending on the homeowner's situation and income.

  1. Single-Family Rehabilitation Program :  for folks who are below 80% of the median income in the area.
  2. Displacement Prevention Partnership:  If your area is not served by an organization that offers the Urgent Repair Program

Visit the NCHFA website for more info on theses home repair assistance programs. Please share any success stories using the NCHFA Home Repair Assistance Programs in the comments below!

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