Triad Real Estate Market is HOT hot as fire

If you are buying a home right now in the Triad area, you know how hot this market is. Many buyers are missing out on homes they are interested in, because another buyer beats them to it. It's not uncommon for a buyer in this market to miss out on four or five homes before they buy, because of competing offers. Over the last 3 months there have been 1,385 home sales in January, 1,478 sales in February, and 1,914 sales in March. Those were slight increases over 2017 for January and February and a 30 unit decrease for March. So far this month, there has been 828 home sales versus 1,860 for the whole month of April last year. Additionally, inventory levels are low, so there just aren't enough homes for sale for the buyers who are ready to buy

Triad Real Estate Market Reports

We have a number of real estate market reports available for various Triad locations including Winston-Salem, Clemmons, and Lewisville. We can add others with your request.  

We're Increasing Our Listing Inventory

This market needs more houses! With that being said, Green Haven Realty is in the process of increasing our listing inventory. If you've been thinking about selling, don't hesitate to contact us, and we're glad to help get your house SOLD! At least fill out our Property Valuation Form and get an idea of what your home might sell for. It's quick, easy and free! Click the link below!


triad housing market is hot