Advantages of Working with a Hybrid Agent Investor 

Advantages of selling my triad home with a hybrid agent-investor

In today’s changing real estate market and recession on the horizon, selling your Triad area property quickly may involve a lot of effort, both on the agent's and seller's behalf. The traditional route of listing your home for sale, remodeling, waiting for top dollar buyers, and other steps in the process might not be a luxury a home seller can afford. In that sense, working with a hybrid agent investor can produce results much faster. Teaming up with a so-called hybrid between a real estate agent and an investor might be the right choice for several reasons. We are here to explain why.


Most Triad home sellers do not have the time and the resources to have their property linger on the market. Putting aside the financial strain of remodeling and financing the whole process, the very fact that, in many cases, sellers have to either wait or settle for subpar offers makes home-selling a challenging affair. As a result, many people would prefer to sell the property for cash quickly so that they can relocate or invest in new homes. Here is where a hybrid agent investor might make a world of difference. But first… 


What is a hybrid agent investor?


This relatively new and surprisingly underused concept in the world of real estate can be observed as a legitimate business model. This is because it involves the best of both worlds. With a Triad area hybrid agent investor, you get the services and expertise of a real estate agent and an investor simultaneously.


In the traditional real estate selling scheme, as a buyer or a seller, you approach a real estate agent with your expectations. You designate your budget, the time frame, and your approximate wishes for the end result. However, nowadays, Triad buyers and sellers have the opportunity to participate in the process with a lot more options than before with an agent-investor.


In contrast to the traditional model, the agent-as-investor provides you with the alternative to either sell directly to them or market your property on the MLS before you decide to sell. This possibility allows you to gain access to the market with the added safety of having a trusted investor on your side. 

an agent-investor pointing to a blueprint of a North Carolina home for sale

What do agent-investors do?


If you decide to collaborate with a hybrid agent in the Triad, it pays to know what lies within their responsibilities and capabilities. In the hybrid model, an agent-investor can offer more selling options, and the property appears on the various online and offline marketing venues and platforms.


In this way, the seller can keep track of both options to assess which one brings in the best option to meet their needs. The main benefit lies in the seller's greater financial flexibility and quicker results. Furthermore, one does not preclude the other. If the seller disagrees with the offer made by the investor, it can still fall back on the traditional retail selling route.


Apart from the financial advantage of this alternative, the hybrid property selling model also allows more flexibility in terms of planning out your North Carolina relocation. So, when prospective buyers are hesitant or unable to commit to the purchase, you can speed up the process and contact your agent-investor immediately and sell the home right away. This possibility will make the journey stress-free since you can hire long-distance movers, sell the property, and move out whenever you need to.


Benefits of hiring a hybrid agent-investor


Agent investors are skillful marketers

Other reasons why agent investors are good allies relate to the fact they are skillful marketers. In today’s competitive market, marketing properties must happen through traditional and digital channels. The best and quickest results only come from projects with the necessary exposure. Hybrid agent investors have an insight into both sides of the local real estate, resulting in a more rounded and appealing marketing campaign. 



You get all-encompassing assistance

An agent-investor can provide you with anything a real estate agency can, plus more. This means all the legalities and transactional related to navigating the sales process are taken care of. Next to this, you also have an insight into the trends and requirements of the local real estate market stemming both from the investment network and the real estate community. 

The hybrid agent-investor takes care of the details in the home selling process.

Negotiation will be easier

Another advantage of going for a hybrid agent lies in their ability to negotiate with buyers in a way that surpasses the average Realtor. This is because they regularly make offers and come in contact with various properties. In that sense, you can rely on keen knowledge of the market and the legal aspect of the purchase process.  

a hybrid agent investor next to home sellers and sold sign

Benefits of selling to the hybrid agent investor

However, if you decide to sell to the hybrid agent investor, there are a few advantages there as well. The main reason why home-sellers decide to hire hybrid agents is the possibility of avoiding spending time and money on comprehensive remodeling projects. So, you can market your home ‘as-is’ without the fear that you won’t be able to sell it. This allows you to approach the selling process with confidence you might not have if you didn’t have the investor as a backup.


Why sell your home to a hybrid agent investor?

There are several reasons you might want to sell to a hybrid agent investor.  You might be a landlord who is tired of dealing with the headache of tenants.  You might be behind on your mortgage payments and facing foreclosure.  You could have inherited an ugly house that needs lots of work.  Or maybe your current home needs lots of updates and may not sell quickly in its current as-is condition.  It could be that your loved one is not able to live alone any longer and needs to move into assisted living, but you need the proceeds of a home sale to pay for it.  All of these are good reasons to consider a hybrid agent investor.

sell your Triad NC home fast for cash


Furthermore, working with a hybrid agent investor allows you to get a cash offer for your property. This is an excellent solution if you must close the agreement as soon as possible, or you don't want to be bothered with a lot of showings at your home because your schedule doesn't allow it (or maybe you have tenants living there). In some cases, you can even expect to finalize the cash sale to the investor in as little as 2-3 weeks. Hence, you can count on the hybrid agent investor in more ways than one.  A hybrid agent investor can make your selling transaction less stressful.

TKG Property Buyers - Triad Area Hybrid Agent-Investors Can Help You Sell Your Home Fast

Tony and Kim Green, the owners of Green Haven Realty, are Triad area hybrid agent-investors.  Their investment group is TKG Property Buyers.  If you would like to know different options for selling your home, especially if you need to sell quickly, give them a call or text at 336.701.BUY1 (2891).  They have helped a number of local Triad home sellers get their home sold stress free.  

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